What is the heart? Physically it is a vital organ that keeps blood flowing in our bodies, without its function we would cease to exist. Throughout time it seems we have developed a second heart, it has no physical presence in the human body, it does not provide the precious blood to sustain life. Never the less, it’s importance to life is as accentual as its physical counter part. Within this heart flows the feelings and emotions which are at the very core of each of us, who we are, who we hope to be and how we connect to each other. We use many pronouns for it, the happy heart, kind heart, joys of the heart, the broken heart, cold heart, black heart etc……  all used to describe a state of being. It can be worn on the sleeve, given to the ones closest to you, offered as a way to keep promises and a spirit of never growing old. What a magical thing our second heart is, inspires singers to sing,  poets to write and lovers to love. Weighing of the Heart seems only limited to the souls that house it and is vast as the human spirit will allow.