Venice By -Rokaya Chaarani


Written By: Rokaya Chaarani

Morocco, Rabat


Buongiorno girl! I hope you are feeling great.

I heard that in a while you haven’t stepped out your gate,

Since the day your golden keys were eaten by a vulture,

So I came to tell you a secret, give me your ear so I can whisper;

It is summer, say ciao summer!

Grabe you valise, fly to venice,

Scroll around its velvet streets,

Get lost in your cherry dreams.


Pawn your blue mind for a moment.

You are in the spring of your life, feel the romance.

I know you’ve been holding a heavy crate,

But maybe if you laid it down you’d find bright oranges. Hey, wait:


Put on your rossetto, cherry rossetto,

Go and drown deep in the lights of Venice.

Your eyes will twinkle in front of the gleaming waterways,

And the spectacle of lovers, begging the boats to stay.


Darling, I just want you to grasp and know,

You’d better break your ice to let go-

Of your fears, demons and weary plans.

Nobody can make you merry like you only can. So:


Imagine you are dancing by chiaro di luna,

Like a happy colomba, like a ballerina.

Now that you’ve found your golden keys near the glistening water of Venice.

Open your gate, enjoy summer air and the flowery wreath on your head.

Keep dreaming placidly until you hear the blare.