The Stayner’s Legion Branch 457 Is Presented With A Piece Of Rich Stayner Memorabilia


Stayner Legions Branch 457, Former Pipe Band Bass Cover Find

Frieda Linke Presenting To The Sargent at Arms Herb Muller, A Past Pipe Band Bass Drum Cover, Donated to The 457 Branch Stayner, Legion, ON

     It was a day of delight at Linkes Local Arts Gallery, Supply and Learning Centre.  A very generous Stayner resident (anonymous) graciously gifted Frieda Linke Gallery CEO, with The Stayner Branch 457 Legion’s 

“bass drum cover “.  The drum cover was from Stayner’s former Legion’s Pipe Band.

     Frieda was most humbly honoured by the request to present such a rich and delicate piece of Stayner Memorabilia.  Herb Mueller,  Stayner Legion’s Sargent at Arms, seemed touchingly intrigued and pleased to receive such a treasured exchange.  Herb was “already wondering where to hang the drum cover within their Legion walls?” The presentation had a particular tenderness and added meaning for Frieda Linke, as many of her close family and loved one’s were also Soldier’s. 

Tamara Thompson Was Pleased To Witness Such A Heartfelt Exchange To Legion Member Herbert Muller; A Veteran and Hero!

     This memento meant giving thanks to our Soldiers courage and their years of dedicated service.  Days of thanking our soldiers are to far and wide. Today’s highlight was just that, leaving a memory of gratitude etched within us at Linkes Local Arts Gallery, Supply and Learning Centre.

Author: Tamara Thompson