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Single Display Panel Rental

  Linke’s Local Arts agrees to rent_______________________________ one single wall panel end section in our gallery for a period of 30 days. Starting for the day of setup to end date with an extra 2 day pick up time. Cost for renting space will be $35.00 + HST and 25% on any sales. Artist can book for more than one month at a time depending on availability of space. Linke’s Local art s is fully insured for fire and theft, we do recommend you carry insurance but is not mandatory. Payout on sales of art are done at the end of 30 day contract or end of month if contract is longer than 30 days. Linke’s Local Arts reserves the right to decide what subject matter is suitable for our gallery and will take down what is deemed inappropriate. If Hydro is required for your display, please provide your own extension cords. Once your contract expires and you choose not to extend, your work must be removed no later than last pickup date. A storage fee of $20.00 per week will be applied for any work not picked up on time. If after 2 months your work still remains we then assumed it abandoned will be considered property of the gallery.





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