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Showroom Rental Contract

 Linke’s Local Arts agrees to rent our 15′ x 19′ showroom space to _________________________ for the purpose of displaying their artwork as single show or exhibition  / conduct a class or seminar / demonstrations / group meetings / workshops. For art shows or exhibitions we will allow more than one artists to share this space. This space can accommodate 20 to 25 people,  we do have a limited amount of tables and chairs available for your use. If your event is catered, all arrangements will be made by you not the gallery or it’s staff. There are various rental price packages for this space as well as day or evening bookings.  Please read the options below and choose which package you would like.  If space is rented for art shows or exhibitions there is a 20% gallery commission on arts sales. Evening events can be held but must not run passed 10:00pm and not be a disturbance to the neighborhood. If you plan to serve alcohol at your event you must have proper permits and person/persons with SMART SERVE CERTIFICATE.

___ Month Rental $450.00 + HST with a $150.00 non – refundable deposit ___  Two Weeks $225.00 + HST with a $75.00 non – refundable deposit  ___ One Day $75.00 + HST with a $25.00 non – refundable deposit.

 For art show and exhibitions, there is a 20% gallery commission on  art sales after you have earned back your rental fee.


This person or persons renting the showroom space will be responsible for the follows: All and any damages to the building and it’s contents by event staff or it’s visitors. Health and Safety to all or any persons involved or attending event. Setup and Break down of event. Cleanup and removal of all trash, garbage etc.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this contract. Fully acknowledging all duties and responsibilities outlined.







START DATE_______________________END DATE__________________________

APPLICANT SIGNATURE_________________________________DATE___________

GALLERY SIGNATURE___________________________________DATE_______