Linke's Local Arts Reopened & Celebrates 5th Year 





On Feb 28th the doors were open and the public was welcomed once again to view the beautiful collection artwork on display at this very unique Gallery.  Many of our longtime customers stopped by with their great support, good wishes and congratulations as they enjoyed the music from our two favourite preformers Joe Linked & Saver Paonessa. There was coffee , hot chocolate, cake and other sweet treats on hand for everyone enjoy as well.  The Emily Pudducombe single art exhibit displaying her beautiful Shadow Box Artwork was offically opened to the public on Sat and will be on exhibit for the next two months. Emily's work is created from organic materials and rustic reclaimed wood that elegantly expresses this artist passion for nature The day was great fun for everyone who joined the celebration !




         Mrs Jacobs                     Don Currie &            A few of Stayner's Youth                  Joe Linke            

                                           Artist Dave Bennett                                                                               


       Bradford On Artist         The Emily Puddicombe

      Emily Puddicombe                   Art Exhibit


Mike, Joe & Harry Linke      Harry & Frieda Linke           Mike & Grandma                    Harry Linke