Neeltje Montgomery Exhibit Nov 1st – Dec 31 2017

Artist Neeltje Montgomery

Shelburne, ON

Art Exhibit opens Nov 1st to Dec 31st 2017

I have always loved colour and in  public school my favorite day of school was when we had art. to put colour to paper made me very happy. I do not have a formal art education, but I have bought and watched many DVDs on art instruction. This does not make me an expert by any means, but it has helped. In 1986 to 1992 I taught folk art classes in Collingwood ,ON, then life changed dramatically with the death of my husband Rudi Smit. So I did not paint for many years; work for pay got in the way.

In April of 2013 I married Paul Montgomery, a childhood friend who I had not seen in 46 years. He has encouraged me to paint, paint, paint, because he saw the enjoyment that I get from it.

Hugs to my husband Paul. I love to paint outdoor scenes and flowers. 

My other big passion is photography. Again pictures of flowers, animals, scenery dominate what I like to see through the lens