Kids Arts and Craft Ideas and Indoor Activities

Winsor Newton Oils 37ml tubes

Winsor Newton Oils
37ml tubes

There are so many different fun arts and crafts for kids at the Gallery, the ideas are endless.  Spending a cold winters day in doors creating with kids makes the best memories, the best time well spent, kids learn so much whiling away the hours creating their masterpieces.  Having a keepsake at the end of the day makes for real inspiring magic.  Below are list of websites and a list of fun, entertaining ideas to enjoy with kids home for the holiday season.  The supplies can all be found at our gallery, where ideas come to life. 

Below is a list of ideas and websites that have guided instructions to create your best day!

  1. Make and Create a Board Game-then enjoy the afternoon playing a game of the crafted kind.

12 DIY Board Games for Kids

     2.  Decoupage is the most fun, you can decoupage just about anything-old vases, bathroom items, boxes and tins, old jewelry boxes-anything goes.

Paint Markers black, blue, red $1.50 each Metallic Markers green,gold,silver

Paint Markers
black, blue, red
$1.50 each
Metallic Markers

    3.  Make your own and DIY frames.  You can use any old frame or create a new one and turn it into something new and fresh for the New Year.20151003_095619

17 DIY Picture Frames

    4.  Creating designs with modeling clay and making treasures ,is a great way to make anything that’s left on your kids wish list.  IE:  little charms, earings and trinkets, “little pony figurines”, boxes, jars and holders.

  005-460x260  5.  Take Santa’s Old hat and recreate it with Paper Mache, if the elves need a du over, Paper Mache can be a great alternative to shine them up for next year, Paper Mache old ornaments that have been losing its luster and create shiny and sparkly ornaments for the tree.  Or if you just don’t feel like helping out Santa with his hat, create your own fun, with the ideas that Paper Mache bring.  Valentines hearts are a great idea as well.

You and your kids will never forget the day they re created their favourite toy or made their own earing’s, or even made their very own playful board game.