Gamblin high quality oil paints




This most of these price are below market value and are subject to change with new stock ordered.

Colour Size Price
Alizarin crimson  37ml  19.99
Asphaltum  37ml  15.00
Black spined  37ml  23.00
Brown pink  37ml  12.00 sold out
Burnt sienna  37ml  10.00
Burnt umber  37ml  10.00 sold out
Cadmium green  37ml  23.00
Cadmium orange  37ml  23.00
Cadmium red light  37ml  28.00
Cadmium yellow  37ml  23.00
Cadmium yellow DP  37ml  24.00
Cadmium yellow LT  37ml  24.00
Cerulean blue hue  37ml  12.00 sold out
Cobalt blue  37ml  28.00 sold out
Copper  37ml  23.00 sold out
Chromium Oxide green  37ml  15.00 sold out
Emerald green  37ml  12.00
Hansa yellow Deep  37ml  15.00
Hansa yellow light  37ml  15.00
Hansa yellow medium  37ml  15.00 sold out
Indian yellow  37ml  15.00 sold out
Ivory black  37ml  10.00 sold out
Mono orange  37ml  15.00
Napthol Red  37ml  12.00
Napthol scarlet  37ml  12.00
Olive green  37ml  12.00 sold out
Pale gold  37ml  23.00 sold out
Permanent green light  37ml  12.00
Perylene red  37ml  15.00
Phthalo green  37ml  12.00
Portland grey medium 37ml 12.00
Portland grey light  37ml  12.00
Prussian blue  37ml  19.99
Quinacridone magenta red  37ml  15.00
Raw sienna  37ml  10.00 sold out
Rich gold  37ml  23.00
Sap green  37ml  12.00 sold out
Silver  37ml  23.00 sold out
Terre verte  37ml  12.00 sold out
Titanium white  37ml  12.00 sold out
Titanium zinc white  37ml  10.00 sold out
Transparent orange  37ml  15.00 sold out
Ultramarine blue  37ml  19.99 sold out
Ultramarine violet  37ml  12.00
Van dyke brown  37ml  10.00 sold out
Venetian red  37ml  10.00
Viridian  37ml  23.00
Zinc white  37ml  10.00 sold out