Artist Emily Puddicombe

                   Bradford, ON.





As a child I was intrigued by nature and science; and developed a passion for the earth and all that coexists on it. I found beauty in everything and realized how complex nature was.

During my studies at University of Toronto, I earned a degree in Fine Arts Studio andArt History. There I was trained in many techniques and mediums, but the most influential lesson learned was the art of perception. I no longer saw flower, but saw all the parts that make up the flower. The sliced fruit before me had texture and complex components that became art on itself.

I now reside in Bradford with my family and with their support I am able to continue borrowing from nature. She offers colour, lines, textures and movement. It inspires me to collect, paint and draw from her. I honor these gifts from the earth by preserving them in wooden shadowboxes; in hopes that they do not go unnoticed.