These two pieces of pottery are beautifully adorned with images of Inuit People. Not known if work is truly Inuit, signed only as made in Canada by EKW.

$80.00 each



  Loon: By M.A. Rack

    Parry Sound, On.

This beautiful hand carved and hand painted loon is a one of most iconic Canadian Images. It is a stunning work of art dating back to 1988, making it a Canadian classic. In amazing condition, it’s striking marking are still bright and bold. With only a few slight mars this piece has truly fared well the test of time

                                                                                                          $225.00 – SOLD


Sleeping Loon: By M.A Rack

Parry Sound, On

Another fine handed carved piece with such elegant lines and rick wood colour, created once again in 1988. It too has gracefully weathered the test of time, with only a few minor imperfections                            $100.00 – SOLD