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Linke’s Local Arts enters an agreement with _______________________________ to display His/Her artwork in the commission areas of our Gallery for a period of 30 days. Cost for displaying is follows: a monthly fee of $25.00 + HST and a 35% Gallery Commission on each sale. Linke’s Local Arts reserves the rights to the number of pieces and where they will be displayed in commission areas. Linke’s Local Arts has fire and theft insurance coverage for this business, we still recommend that artists carry private coverage on their work as well.

Please provide a typed inventory list of work: Title, Mediums & Prices. Please note that the 35% is not added on top for your prices but taken out of each sale; so you should factor this in when set your prices. Linke’s Local Arts will register all sales taxes with Revenue Canada.  Each contract period will begin the day your work arrives and runs for 30 days with a 2 day pickup limit ( if pickup lands on a Monday or Holiday you will be given one extra day to pick up your work). There is a $20.00 storage fee for each week that artwork is not picked up, starting the day after your agreed date of pickup. Linke’s Local Arts will contact you by phone, email or mail to remind you of overdue pickup. If after 2 months artwork still remains in our gallery it will then become Linkes’ Local Arts property.

You may bring in replacement work for any piece that is sold or if you wish to rotate pieces during your 30 days. Please notify gallery a day before you plan on replacing or switching artwork pieces. Renewal contracts will depend on whether another artist has booked space for the following month, you can book space at a future date if you wish.  Payout for sales on your artwork is not before final pickup date, either by cash or cheque. 

Promotion for your work will include: Posting on our website and all of our social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkedin ShopLocal etc…. Please include a short Bio and picture of yourself.

I have read through the Terms/Conditions of this contract, fully acknowledging all responsibilities and liabilities of both parties. I hereby agree to enter into this commission contract with Linke’s Local Arts.

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