The Poet’s Corner

My Arms Are Open Written By:  Micheal Linke   My Soul grows darker with my heart, As if my whole life was falling apart, Everyone I love has left me- Inside is an unbearable pain you can not see- Hope is not so far away- Just look inside! Forget the people who just sat there and lied, Your true friends come out in your need, Your happiness is what they want to feed. Remember you are one of a kind, Special and amazing in my mind....

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Roses Bleed: Poem By Micheal Linke

Posted on Dec 14, 2016

Roses Bleed Written By:  Micheal Linke Roses bleed red, your veins are blue, The pain of the world will destroy you! Getting over your past and moving on, seems so hard it feels like a con. Believing in yourself is your only way out, Getting past all of your doubt… Look at those who love you so, This will cause confidence to grow. Never look down on you for your mistakes, Loving yourself is all it takes. Next time you lose who...

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