Beauty Queen By: Rokaya Chaarani


Rokaya Chaarani Morocco, Rabat Poet

Rokaya Chaarani

Morocco, Rabat

Biography:  This is Rokaya Chaarani’s debut as a published poet from Morocco, Rabat. Chaarani is an English Studies Major at University Mohammed 5 Suissi. Rokaya is going into her senior year. Rokaya enjoys the studies of English, Philosophy and History. Chaarani’s inspirations come from her own life experiences and the people that had and still are great influences on society; such as Marilyn Monroe. She is a passionate Moroccan girl when it comes to writing and reading. 

Rokaya’s favourite poetesses are: Sylvia Plath and Maya Angelou. In addition to the poet Nizar Kabani. Her favourite writer is Agatha Christie. Chaarani draws inspiration from Doris Day, Nancy Sinatra, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Britney Spears.

Beauty Queen

Written By: Rokaya Chaarani

The Crowds are waiting for you like a wild hungry beast;

They are throwing rocks at your trembling fragile walls,

Throwing confetti at your shiny raven hair, rosy cheeks,

And your unlined fresh face; you a beauty queen.

Your Momma told you so.


And they want to line you all up, starlet game;

Like tiny dollies placed for display, what a shame!

Marilyn Monroe Iconic Figure

They go: “Who’s the fairest of them all?”

But you’re dancing on the ashes of their fall.

Now the crowds are screaming like a headless child ‘This is ridiculous’

Because you were born bulletproof like rigid iron walls.

You hoped for a rainy day so they would chase the sun,

Because they are living in the world of pageant queens.

Rokaya Chaarani; Debut Moroccan Poet, hopes to inspire strength to young females with her poem titled; “Beauty Queen”

Your Momma told you so.


And now they are staining you with notoriety, fragility;

They can’t know that you are living placidly, happily.

They Yell: “You’re just a house of cards”.

When you just smiled and left them with permanent scars.

Something eerie: romanticizing corpses,

sidelining vivid spirits and souls.


Something beautiful: you are a smarty beauty queen,

You are a vendela ivory rose, even if you are grey and old.

That is what you Momma told you once.



“Who is the fairest of them all?”: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs