Beautiful pain


  • writter : Serena LacasseI’m ashamed in my own skin he’s made me feel so disgusted with myself everywhere I look it just feels like everything is falling apart.. Because I feel like I’ve fallen apart inside I have this hole in my chest where my heart used too be and he stole every once of my emotion and turned it against me .. And now that I’m alone I’m scared The nightmares at night the random flash backs of his hands hitting my skin, that beautiful young girl is now hating herself because she doesn’t get why someone could do this to her.. I live everyday feeling ashamed embarrassed and depressed.. I was so happy and such a joyful person, until I feel In love with him he stole everything my strength my will my self esteem.. He’s left me with a big mess that I’m slowly trying to pick up but I feel every time I take that step I take 10 steps back.. I feel like I’m living a lie because every single time I look in the mirror it’s not me..