Murray Janz
                              Wood Carving
                       Wasaga Beach
Hi, I’m Murray Janz.  I have always been interested in “the Arts”, be it music, painting, or wood.  My grandmother was a self-taught oil painter.  I guess my first experience with wood was a carving I did when I was 16 years old, using a cheap utility knife and a piece of grainy spruce.  The end result was a serious cut, Emergency department, and 6 stitches.  However, I didn’t let that discourage me, and have had a lifetime love of carving.
6 years ago, we became “Snowbirds”, and traveled to Arizona for the winter.  There I became a member of our parks Carving Club.  You learn so much from the other members, and, as my wife, Cheryl, says “At least I know where you are.”

I have done Intarsia in the past (had to quit, as I developed an allergy to the cedar dust), and, also, furniture making.  Presently, I spend many enjoyable hours at my carving.  I enjoy the challenge of a new creation and trying a different technique

Wood figurines measure from 7″ to 18″