Melissa Bigall – Shier

Acrylic Painting 

Bio: I have been interested in all sorts of art, however the first that caught my attention was simple pen/pencil drawings. My cousin Celeste used to have a doodle pad when we would go camping with our parents in Parry Sound. The first we went I was probably 6 -7, I was utterly fascinated by Celeste’s work. She was a very unique and detailed artist, her work inspired me to want to be an artist as well. I wanted to amaze people the way her work do, I wished to bring joy and inspiration to other artists. Since progressing with mt art career, I experienced with clay and would qualify myself as an experienced sculptor as well as a painter. Plus a very especially talented when using a pencil or pen to create hand drawings. I have some artwork hanging in various places including Alliston, Pickering, Tottenham, Hockley Valley and Collingwood. I am very proud of myself to have made it this far, I will admit that the creativity inside my heart knows no boundaries besides that of time.




Facing Demons

19″ x 32″  in black frame $300.00











Flora Iris   16″ x 20″  Macabre Coba 18″x 24″    Binary Star 16″ x 20″

 no frame  $180.00         no frame $225.00                   no frame $70.00







Phoenix Spirit 16″ x 12″           Efflorescence Bloom 36″ x 12″

no frame no $90.00                       no frame $200.00