Artist  Frieda Linke
  “The Dreamer living the Dream”

Born Frieda Helen McCulligh Feb 18th 1959 in Angus, ON. Canada, one of seven raised by mother Helen after death of father Lealand in 1960 before  the artist turned 2yrs. Knowing very early on in life that her chances of earning an art degree was very remote given that there were no funds to pursue higher education. Frieda took art class courses in Public and High school which taught the bare basics that helped enhance her natural artistic abilities. By studying many books found at local libraries and bookstores the artist became self taught in the hopes of someday that she could be part of the art world.  

 Frieda’s life went in many different directions, each one took her a little further away from the dream of being an artist, until it was just a distant memory of childhood. In the next 3 decades Frieda married Harry Linke a solider in the Canadian Armed Forces, raised 3 children together while traveling across Canada with Harry’s military career.  During these years Freda devoted very little time to art but she did do some benefit posters for military functions and school activities from time to time.

Once Harry retired from the military in 1994 and he took a job at Pearson Airport in Toronto On, but they settled in the town of Stayner away from the big city. The children finished their last few years of school, Harry continued his new career and Frieda took a few jobs in the community. After a number of years going from one job to another the day finally came for Frieda chose to return to her passion for art,  now it was time to the pick up a brush and get started. “It was like finding a dear old friend after many years”.  Frieda’s daughter Arrin took up an interest in art at this time, so both mother and daughter began their art journey together. In the next couple they starting with home studios ( Arrin had her own family and home by this time) from there Linke’s Local Arts was launched as a family business. They rented a space at the local market and started showing they work in different venues in their community as well.  In time other local artists brought work to Frieda & Arrin wanting to display artwork in their market space,  which is how Linke’s Local Arts started to promote other artists. Not much later a small art supplies section was added selling your basics, brushes, canvases paints etc…… Within a year the business grew beyond the limited space of the market and Linke’s Local Arts needed to expand to it’s own storefront. This was the start of many changes, the biggest was Arrin’s decision not to continue her role as a partner and left the business completely.

Linke’s Local Arts continued to attract more and more local artists, the art materials section grew to fit the needs of our clients.