A Twister Of Lies

Written By: Micheal Linke

*Micheal Linke was the winner of 1st and 3rd Prize of our first annual Spring Poetry Contest*


A twister of lies,

A little white lie can seem innocent to you,

You have no idea what harm it can do.

It’s like an elastic that you pull-

You pull and pull ’till the strain is full,

Then as you go, it eventually breaks and the lie is no more.

Then people find out and its starts a war,

You lose the people you love and your kicked to the streets.

You lose everything including your bed and sheets,

Trust is valuable and takes years to build and when you have it,

it’s also easily killed-

takes years to build seconds to break.

 It’s not like it’s a piece of cake; your life can be messed up,

look in my eyes, you don’t want to be put through a twister of lies!